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Baal express was started by Team of highly experienced people having more than 18 years of experience in Education Industry

It has been created to encourage the habit of reading through content that is interactive, informative, positive and engaging. Baal Express carries news and information on current affairs, science, history, sports, careers, culture and environment along with activities, puzzles and interactive projects.

Each issue also includes a special Jr Baal express supplement for our youngest readers. Baal Express carries fun activities, general knowledge, school subjects and the Each One Teach One programme, which children can use to teach someone basic written and spoken English.

Cultivating reading habits in young children has been the prime mission of Baal Express.

Kids are often seen facing away from books due to lack of interest in reading. The content of Baal Express, though being educational is represented with pictures, puzzles and other gaming activities which, makes it attractive for the kids.

Contests based on these educational and full-filled activities reassure the children’s involvement in reading the newspaper.

Our ultimate mission in this journey is to make every Indian school kid capable of becoming intellectually active, capable of decision making in career selection, following the right path to achieve the goal he/she dreams of.

The founders of Baal Express had identified about the dislike of young children towards reading. They also had seen the education system though stringent had a very limited impact on cultivating reading habits in children.

Rather than memorizing poems the kids memorized movie songs as it attracted them. Though not through videos, the founders attempted to impart the education through medium of colourful pictures, activities, puzzles and other games. This not only attracted kids towards the pictures but also compelled them to read about the information on the pictures.

Looking at the success rate of the increasing reading habits in children, Baal Express newspapers evolved. Putting in innovative inputs along with the feedback and suggestions from the readers.

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